Welcome to The Rock at FOTP!
Here you will find a list of documents and videos to help you navigate The Rock in the most efficient way possible. If you have a question, an idea, or find something that’s broken within The Rock, please email us at and let us know.

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These are written by FOTP to help our users accomplish the tasks necessary to make the biggest possible positive impact on those who visit and attend FOTP.  These are more streamlined than the user guides focused on individual tasks.  We will continuously be adding documents to this page.

These are “How To” videos produced by FOTP to show you how to accomplish different tasks in The Rock.  We will continuously be adding videos to this page.


These are very detailed documents written by the Rock RMS development company.  These provide everything you need to know to set up and customize The Rock.  We’ve used these guides to build the FOTP implementation of the Rock and are for advanced users.

FAQs from Your Friends

Q: How do I email multiple groups at one time?
A: There is a newsletter/communication piece that we’ll be turning on at some point in The Rock that will handle this a bit more elegantly. For right now, pull up a group, click the Envelope icon in the header of the Group Members table. This will load a page with all of the email addresses for that group. Click the Send Email link that appears below the list of addresses and it will put those addressed in an email in your personal email program (Outlook, Apple Mail, gmail, etc.). You simply type the email and click Send as you normally would. To do this with multiple groups, find each group, click the Envelope icon, click the Send Mail link to open a new mail message, and copy and paste those addresses into the first email.