Growth Track

At FOTP, we want to challenge you to take the next step toward spiritual growth. To help you in your journey, we’ve designed a pathway to guide you: The Growth Track. The Growth Track is a class system that will encourage and teach you how to get to the next level. Our logo symbolizes the pathway. Think of the blue outer edge as the church walls and the opening at the bottom of the logo is the front door—notice it’s always open! As you enter, you are free to explore FOTP by moving around in the white ring—you worship with us and experience the FOTP family. Once you decide to actively engage at FOTP, you enter the diamond—which is a baseball diamond.

FOTP Classes

Growth Track CLASSES

First Base: Starting Point Class | Discovering God’s Family.
In Starting Point, you’ll learn why we do what we do, what we’re about, and how you can be a part of the FOTP family. Classes are typically offered the last weekend of each month.

Second Base: Grow Class | Discovering My Spiritual Growth.
Grow is designed to help you unpack the tools necessary to help you strengthen your relationship with Jesus.

Third Base: Serve Class | Discovering My Ministry.
While being a volunteer at FOTP is available to everyone, the Serve class focuses on helping you find your sweet spot! Learn how God has uniquely created you to impact others.

Home Plate: Share Class | Discovering My Life Mission.
Share helps you unlock your life mission and learn how to best use your wiring to point people toward Jesus.

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If you can’t attend one of our classes live, you can get through it on your own. Simply click the link below to let us know that you’d like to take the class,
and we’ll send an email with the link to the appropriate class and a PDF of the class material.

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